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project 0.1

Marks Of Time

Steam-Up Studio

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Making a video Clip is something "simple". Trasforming it in an expierience is quite a task.
A really long song luckly give you all the time you need to achieve that.
So the story begins. The 4 story actually. 4 stories entagled togheter, narrated by a unique character.

Cross Contamination

What I did for this project was the developing of all the assets needed for the digital narration of the story. Logo, posters, and all the merchandise. And this is just the first phase. Soon, the project itself will evolve, and a crowfundign campaign will be launched.

SKILLS & MATERIALS: multitasking

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project 0.1

Marks of time

STeam-Up Studio

Marks of time is a project developed by the Steam-Up Crewtivity Studio and the "Mechanical Butterfly". The project started in the earyl 2016 as a videoclip, but things have gone further...Do you want to know more?

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Imagine yourself suspended in time. A whole univers of stories around you. Breathe, take it easy. Dance, and tell the tales of our Heroes....

Watch The Video

The story

All the video is about been lost in time. A pale dancer dancing around the sun cycle, telling us stories about three heroes, facing their own demons. A child finding out a different world from what he is used to. A warrior, fighting for his Pack. A taxidermist, fighting against death. All of them, lost in time, and yet, close to each other.


The project itself needed some merchandise. What i did, after the branding, was to adapt the logo on posters and merchandise objects.Here you can find the official poster of the Video, and some mockups of the shirts. More coming soon, in the next phase of the project.(late 2017)


The design of the brand of the project was tricky. We needed something dealing with the band (Mechanical Butterfly), and time. After lots of drawings, things was getting easier. A clock gear, resembling a butterfly, in an infinite loop. Easy but effective.

project 0.2

extra moenia


Extra Moenia is a project developed by the Unesco for the Archeological site of The "Villa Romana del Casale" in Sicily. A meeting of culture bewteen the mediterrean see. An exchange of culture and habits between a common denominator : the food.

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Extra - Moenia - Sicilia

Villa Without Borders

Extra Moenia is a project developed by Regione SIcilia, in collaboration with UNESCO. The project aim to create interaction and cultural exchange between the UNESCO site of the VIlla Romana del Casale, and all the cultures oh the mediterrean Sea.
The project involved different "immigrants" from all over the mediterrean sea, and tryed to develop interaction between cultures. The aim of this was to find a language that can combine all this different cultures. And we found it with food.

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The challenge of this project was to communciate with the people involved. Working with immigrants is ispiring, but communication is a challenge. We wanted something simple and undesrstandable.


The solution was to adopt a logo that describes all the cultures involved. For the recipe book isntead, I decided to move for a digital publication. Costless, updatable and easy translatable.

Skills and Materials : Adobe InDesign and digital publication

For this porject I used Indesign mostly. The final publication was shared using the adobe Creative Cloud sharing option. Unfortunately, after the project finished, the Regione Sicilia wanted me to remove it from the cloud.

Photoshoot with taste

A fun part of this project was to take a photoshoop of food. But the tasties part of the project, was to take pictures of the people involved. All of the guys were amazin. Seeing that pictures, inspire me always!

project 0.3


la caverna del mastro birraio

La Caverna del Mastro Birraio is the first brewery in sicily. Form 17 years develop the culture of craft beer and food. But After 17 years, a rebrand is a must. And not only this. Do you wnat to know more?

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brew pub rebrand

La caverna del Mastro Birraio

La Caverna del Mastro Birraio, is the FIRST brewery in Sicily, Opened since 2004, is one of the oldest brewery in the south of italy.

facebook page


The logo was old and unusable. Unscalable, not usable for cross devices, useless even for print. This brewery needed a new image


Changing a logo after 12 years is not easy. For making this I took isnpiration by the old statue of gambrinus, who sits right in front of the brewery. Then everithing comes by itself


For this project I made everithing by hand. All the initial sketches were hand drawed. After the client briefed his tastes, I started to digitalize few drafts, and then everithing come up quite smoothly. Of course, I've used Adobe Illustrator for the projectual part.

project 0.4


steam- up studio

The one man band is an old way to see job. Expecially from the creative side. All you need is contamination, and a good team to work with. SteamUp is this, a crew of creative people, working and developing projects, crosscontaminating skills. In SteamUP, the #crewtivity is a must!

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Steam-Up it's really something that I fell mine.
It's a creative agency based in Sicily, builded up from an Idea of the Founder (Riccardo Tropea), and the hard work of Dario Baldini (photography Director) and Silvia Di Mauro (writer and copywriter). Togheter we starded something beautiful meant to stay. A proper crew, not just to work. But to develop something bigger : ourselfs.

The History

Steam-Up was born in late 2012 as a Film Production Studio. But actually it always wanted to be more (indeed the Naming has a "Team" in it). After few years of assestment it become something bigger. Not just movies and videos, but pure creativity, unleashed

The Challenge

The branding and all the brand image was not hard to make. We were looking for something that meant team work, and something that recalled movies and video.
After a few brainstorming(and lots of beer) we came up with a decision. A pirate crew, dealing with creativity.
Simply Awesome!

The production

For SteamUp I have developed all the branding assets, and the brand image aswell. Avatars for the members, logos, and a proper hashtag (#crewtivity) .
I followed all the design process and all the social media assestments, in collaboration with Silvia Di Caro, which now leads our ship through the streams of social media.

project 05



Sometimes a good meal is all you need. But what about our pets? Why feed them with premade and canned food? This is the main problem discovered and solved by Giovanni Pirrone, a sicilian enterprauner with pet and food passion.

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Ossomorso is a pet Bakery based in Acireale (Sicily).
It offers different range of homemade sweets and treats for pets (manly dogs, but also cats, rabbits, and more)
Inspired by my jobs, they decided to ask me for their branding and their website

View Live Website


They need a website as a showcase of their brand and product. Due to the "homemade" side of the brand, they can't deal with mass production, so an e-shop was not the solution


I've built their website using webflow. I could review with them all the design process while coding the website, and this saved a lot of time.
For them I've also made the logo and some photoshooting.


The website was build using all the web standars. All HTML, CSS and JS are minified, with responsive image compression on inline images, The layout is ofcourse responsive.
For the layout I choose a onepage for SEO improvement and for future development.

project 0.6


Ivan fichera - consultant

Sometimes being a consultant is not just dealing with numbers. At first is dealing with people. And people are scared by numbers. Ivan Fichera launched himself on the market, with only one task. A fresh and freindly approach. Because numbers, if well used, are not scaring at all.

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Ivan Fichera is a consultant and accountant based in Catania (sicily). What make him different among the others is his willing of fix thing. Is job is not just deal with numbers, but teach to the customers how to take the numbers by them side.

View Live Website


Doing a website for an accountant is not something that you do everyday. This was a real challenge. For deal with this we decided to divide the project in 2 parts


The first part of the project was a small blog, "hidden" in a one page website. This gaved use some time to gather all the information needed from the public and start to develop a proper website.


The site is now in manteinance. We are moving to wordpress (the design and the coding are all done).
In the late 2017 the new website will be realeased, so, stay tuned!

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It is a mixture of skills, tecniques, knowledge and passion.

What I do.

I am a Full Stack Designer working in the industry since 2009.I work mostly with Motion Graphic Design, Digital production, Web Design and Coding (html5, css3,javascript).I've got a full range of skills :layout, digital animation, web developement ,photshooting and more.

In my free time I love to do many different things. On top of them for sure there are Fitness and 3D printing. But I am also a nerd, so most of the time you can find me with some book!
I have a love and a passion for digital Illustrations, and T-shirt design. Usually I post them on my Dribbble account.

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